Folder-Gluer machine Hoson ZH-1000BFT

Pre-folding type will fold 4 lines, the 1st and 3rd folded by 90 degree and 2nd and 4th folded by 180 degree.
Package minimum width 135mm and maximum 1000m


Wohlenberg SP guillotine cutter

Wohlenberg paper cutter with 76 cm blade and airbed.

Giljotiin Wohlenberg

Morgana Auto Creaser Pro 33 creasing and perforating machine

700 x 330 mm max and 210 x 140 mm min paper size, with up to 16 creases per sheet.

2 mm min distance between creases.

Soonimismasin Morgana

Hans Müller stitcher

1-head saddle stitching machine

Posttraatija Hans M�ller

Stahl K 78/4KTL folder

Size: B1
4 pockets, 2 mechanical knives


Iram-16 paper drill

Paper drill with 4 heads

Puurimismasin Iram 16

Horizon MC-8 collator

Size A3 collator with 8 pockets, 2 stitching heads and a folder.

Kollaator Horizon

Stahl K44/4-F folder

Size: A2
4 pockets, 1 mechanical knife

Voltija Stahl-44

Heidelberg OHC S Cylinder B2 die cutter

Max paper size: 54 x 72

Stantsimasin Cylinder

Corner rounding machine


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